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3rd Annual RFH ride and Rally!!

2018 3rd annual Ride and Rally

This year's ride and rally was a HUGE success, thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and services! And thanks to everyone who showed up and helped raise money for some GREAT causes! Pictures have been posted and videos will be posted as they become available...

About Us

Officers and Road Captains

 Todd Dunn                President

Glenn Bennett         Vice President

Rick Pardue              Counsel

Missy Bennett          Treasurer

Shawn Macintyre      Chaplain

Roger Bruner            Director of Operations, KTP

Sam Gleason            Director of Operations, LAP

Jeff Bailey            Sgt at Arms/Road Captain, LAP

Phillip Creager          Road Captain, LAP

Larry Wheatley          Road Captain, KTP

Shaun Ash (Bam)      Road Captain, KTP

Glenn Bennett           Road Captain, KTP

Tim Donoho              Road Captain, LAP

Steve Pellillo             Historian

Gary Ruph          Flagman/Retiree Road Captain 

About Us

 Riders for Heroes is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts associated with the UAW and specifically UAW Local 862 in Louisville Kentucky. We are dedicated to those who serve our communities and our country including military personnel, law enforcement, firefighters, and EMT.

We are a self-funded autonomous group affiliated with Local 862 as motorcycle enthusiasts who are members of Local 862 as well as other interested members from the community who agree to abide by the rules, bylaws and mission of the group. Our 2018 sponsor is Bluegrass Harley-Davidson in Louisville Kentucky.

2018 Rally Flyer

Upcoming Events

Saturday, August 25, 2018 -- 3rd annual RFH Ride and Rally.  Proceeds to benefit First Responders, law enforcement , firefighters, EMS/EMT, and veterans organizations.  This year's rally will feature a one-day ride and a car/bike show. Open to everyone, and raising money for some great causes--at registration you choose which "heroes" organization you would like your proceeds to go towards!

Contact Us

Drop us an email at ridersforheroes@gmail.com

Riders For Heroes

(502) 241-9491


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm by appointment

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

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UAW862 Riders For Heroes

Download the app for all the latest information on a mobile platform--plus, app users can also access "members only" information such as meeting minutes, raffle information, and any other information not for public viewing. 

On your mobile device, search your Apple app store or Google Play for UAW862 Riders For Heroes and install it. Send an e-mail with your name and cell number to ridersforheroes@gmail.com, and once you're verified as a RFH member you'll get an e-mail with login instructions.